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Showing code coverage for a React app using Code Climate and Travis CI


Test Coverage Maintainability

Test coverage badges in GitHub README Test coverage badges in GitHub README

The other day I was trying to figure out how to use Code Climate to generate Code Coverage for a Electron/React app I am building in TypeScript. I’ve used Code Climate in the past for generating code coverage with PHP projects with success and remember it being really easy to set up.

On the Code Climate documentation, all that it says for JavaScript is.. lcov (generated by Istanbul.

Code Climate supported languages and formats

After spending about an hour with lackluster documentation for JavaScript applications, I was finally able to piece together a few different sources to get it working.

Using JEST to Generate lcov

Add the following to either jest.config.js or the "jest" section of your package.json.

  "collectCoverage": true,
  "coverageReporters": ["lcov"],

If you want to direct coverage to a specific folder, you can go ahead and add something like the following

  "collectCoverageFrom": ["src/**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}"],

Add Repository to Code Climate

When I got to the website, I was actually super confused. Not a huge fan of the confusing double logins, the one we are looking for is called Quality. You are able to use Code Climate for free on open source repositories. Private repositories are paid.

Configuring Travis environments Configuring Travis environments

Add the repository and generate a Token for Code Coverage. You are going to need to use the token in the next part as CC_TEST_REPORTER_ID.


Configure Travis CI

Inside of Travis, you are going to need to add the following environment. I ended up keeping the environment secret, I’m not sure if that is required, but I err on the side of caution.

Configuring Travis environments Configuring Travis environments

Install and run the Code Climate test reporter with Travis CI.

language: node_js
- "10"
  - node_modules
- npm install -q --no-color --no-progress
- curl -L > ./cc-test-reporter
- chmod +x ./cc-test-reporter
- ./cc-test-reporter before-build
- npm run test
- ./cc-test-reporter after-build --exit-code $TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT

You are going to need to trigger a build or two to get everything going, running in Travis CI and uploading properly to Code Climate.

Add Badges to the Project

The whole point of this was for the badges, so go and add your badges.

Code Climate add coverage badges Code Climate add coverage badges

Example Repository: