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Flipp, the light up event

At Event Farm, we love throwing cool events with engaging, interactive technology.

At what was, in my opinion, one of the best events of our 2403 Main Street Office, we had a Art/Music show and decided to add a little even tech on top, and what came out of it was Flipp.

Meet Flipp:

Flipp was an interactive piece where guests of the event could enter their phone number to get access to a controller website on their mobile devices that would allow them to vote for different artworks hanging around the office, and when they voted, they would trigger a scene change on Phillips Hue lights, signaling a vote for the particular pieces.

Overall the exhibit was a huge hit, and we had a lot of fun making it.

The source code of the front end is available on github at https://github.com/jasonraimondi/hueInstallation

Firebase Usage:

Firebase Console Firebase Console