Hey, emoji of me waving hi I'm Jason.

I am a technologist and computer geek.

I work at @HITRECORD doing a lot of ops work. Recently, I’ve been focusing on containerizing our Ruby application and deploying us on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service.

I have been professionally developing for the web since 2009. Early on, I was primarily developing traditional server rendered PHP applications with a bit of JavaScript. Recently, my favorite stack has been full stack TypeScript.

I have experience writing modular, horizontally scalable applications.

If Iā€™m not learning a new language or practicing software architecture design patterns, Iā€™m out with my amazing wife, or watching, listening to, or reading something good.

You can follow my ramblings @jsonmamondi.

These are some projects I've worked on recently:

Curious about how I work?

Check out my uses page for a full list of all the software, gadgets, and services I use.