Slava Ukraini!

Hey πŸ‘‹, I'm Jason.

I am a technologist and computer geek.

I work at Repeat as a Senior Software Engineer.

I have been developing for the web since 2007. I’ve worked on everything from terrible old-school procedural spaghetti 🍝 monsters, to MVC frameworks, to tested, domain-driven applications. Early on, I was developing traditional server-rendered PHP applications. These days, I really enjoy full stack TypeScript.

I have professional experience building modular, horizontally scalable applications.

If I’m not hanging out with my amazing wife and pup, I am most likely learning a new language or practicing software architecture design patterns.

These are some projects I've worked on recently:

Curious about how I work?

Check out my uses page for a full list of all the software, gadgets, and services I use.