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This page lists software and hardware I use on a daily basis.



Wares (soft)

  • Firefox Developer EditionUse Alfred to switch from Google Chrome to Firefox.
  • Alfred – Alfred is great, use workflows to enhance. It also comes with a clipboard history manager and tool to store your text snippets.
  • Spectacle – The greatest keybinding specific alternative to better touch tool, although I saw this recently is abandoned too… So if anyone knows any alternatives, DM me.
  • TablePlus – The not-so-free successor to Sequel Pro. Well, technically it is not a successor, but Sequel Pro as far as I am aware is abandon-ware that has lackluster support on current OS X Versions.
  • Little Snitch – Little Snitch is a really nice GUI firewall for Mac. You can use it to monitor your Mac’s networking, and even entirely block network access all together from running applications.
  • Fantastical – Nice calendar, although the version 3 upgrade introduced subscription pricing
  • iA Writer – I used to use Bear, and I really loved it for a long time. What made me switch to iA Writer was its ability to store your notes in the iCloud Drive filesystem. Actual markdown files that I could back up… Sold. This markdown writing workflow is also a great perk.
  • 1Password – Essential….
  • Telegram – Secure messaging.
  • Dash – Offline software documentation.
  • Bartender – Hide running status bar applications.
  • Docker – Run anything, then delete it.
  • Keeping You Awake – Lighter, open-source Caffeine alternative.

Self Hosted


  • TypeScript/JS
  • Golang
  • Ruby
  • PHP

Feel free to make any fixes on GitHub