Deno Mirror to Gitea

Bulk add mirror repositories to a Gitea instance by scraping repositories on GitHub.

What is a mirror repository?

Using the New Migration option will allow you to initialize a repository in Gitea from an existing repository url.

We can keep a backup of the Gitea codebase, synced every 8 hours to our local gitea instance.

Check the box This repository will be a mirror to have Gitea keep the repository up to date.

The mirror repo allows us to mirror repositories from existing sources, such your favorite open-source GitHub projects.

Mirror repositories update on cronjobs managed by Gitea.


Deno-mirror-to-gitea is a tool I wrote that will spider through GitHub users and add their relevant repositories as mirror repositories to an existing Gitea server. Gitea is a self-hosted git platform that has many great features, one of my favorites is the syncing mirror repositories.

Create a Gitea access token

Now you need to go in and create an access token for deno-mirror-to-gitea to work.

So now we have the token 1548f65934f5034d9803bdfd46a6a25e85e30de2

Create a GitHub access token

The GitHub GraphQL v4 API requires an access token. The only permission we are going to give the token is public_repo allowing deno-mirror-to-gitea to view only public repositories. The API is used to fetch a list of a users public repositories, repositories they’ve starred, repositories they’ve contributed to, and a list of users who they are following.

Follow this link to create a github access token: