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Using an Alfred workflow to assist in switching from Google Chrome to Firefox

This workflow is meant to help break the habit of using Google Chrome. I tend to launch applications with Alfred. When I want to launch a browser, what is engraved in my brain is CHROME!

Every time: ⌘ + SPACE → “chrome” → ENTER.

alfred workflow preview

To help combat this, I’ve created an Alfred workflow that is triggered by the keyword “chrome” and will launch Firefox.

Now every time I am about to launch Chrome, I see the “Launch Firefox Instead of Chrome” launcher. After selecting it a time or two, Alfred will start to prioritize it above the actual Google Chrome application.

Over the past week and a half, consistently seeing Firefox has helped me finally break the habit and I have remembered to launch Firefox from the get-go.

My next step is to change this up to train myself to use the keyword “browser”, and have it launch the default browser. This would allow me to try out and easily swap between browsers.