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Getting rid of hiccups


I found this the other day when I had the hiccups a few different days in a row. Posting it here because it worked amazing and I do not ever want to forget this technique.

The 100% Guaranteed way to get rid of hiccups. Instantly. Every time.

Today I share with you his ancient secret.

  1. Fill your lungs with your mouth. Very important you use the mouth.
  2. Swallow TWICE in a row. If you have difficulty doing this generate saliva in your mouth, it’ll help you get the second swallow easier.
  3. Exhale SLOWLY through your nostrils.

Hiccups are your diaphragm spasming out of your normal inhale-exhale cycle. It can usually be fixed within a few breathes by mindfully focusing on my breathing and taking slower, fuller, deeper breathes to force your diaphragm back into sync.