Slava Ukraini!

Fix the error `Binary not found for version` when installing Node.js using asdf on an M1 Mac


Whats the problem?

If you are using asdf and keep running into the error Binary not found for version 14.18.0 when trying to install Node.js version 14.18.0.

$ asdf install nodejs 14.18.0
Binary not found for version 14.18.0

Why does it happen?

The reason is that there are no prebuilt binaries for Apple Silicon (darwin-arm64) bundles provided by the Node team for these older versions of node. This isn’t a problem, since an M1 Mac can use programs compiled for Intel x86.

How to fix it?

First find the version of Node you are looking to install. For me, it was v14.18.0

You just need to visit the node directory

# Enter what version you want
# Download and extract
wget -c$VERSION/node-v$VERSION-darwin-x64.tar.gz -O - | tar -xz
mv node-v$VERSION-darwin-x64 $ASDF_DIR/installs/nodejs/$VERSION

Reshim and reload

This recreates the shims for the current version of a package. This might technically not be necessary, but it’s harmless to work.

asdf reshim nodejs
asdf shell nodejs 14.18.0

Test the version

Hope it works 🍀

$ node -v