Jason Raimondi



S O F T W A R E   E N G I N E E R




Hi, I'm Jason. I am a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer. I have been developing for the web since 2007. I’ve worked on everything from old-school procedural monsters, to MVC frameworks, to fully tested domain-driven applications.



Senior Software Engineer

Apr 2019 - May 2022

  • ‐ Created a system to spin up review environments for open merge requests, allowing QA to manually test and see an isolated environment for all incoming merge requests. This ultimately enabled us to update our deployment schedule from bi/weekly to continuous deployment for each merged pull request.
  • ‐ Migrated a Ruby on Rails application to AWS EKS, allowing us to handle large spikes in traffic. Monitored and autoscaled based on remaining puma threads available.
  • ‐ Decoupled an angular.js application in Rails erb templates to an Angular SPA + Rails API.
  • ‐ Sped up E2E test suite runtime time from over an hour to ~12 minutes by refactoring a legacy integration test suite from Capybara/Selenium to a Cypress.

Event Farm

Senior Software Engineer

Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

Software Engineer

Feb 2016 - Sep 2018

  • ‐ Authored middleware client applications built in Golang and Node.js that consumed the Event Farm Rest API. Example applications include a custom event landing page builder for organizers to use so they could create and update, custom event signup flows, and custom event registration pages.
  • ‐ Built auto-generating client libraries for the Event Farm API. Clients were generated in PHP, Typescript, Golang, Python, Swift, and Java, and assisted in the consumption of the Event Farm Rest API. Typescript and Golang libraries were opened sourced and are available on GitHub at javascript-sdk and golang-sdk. These client libraries were consumed in the official mobile apps as well as the web application.
  • ‐ Test-drove the re-architecture of a legacy PHP 5 codebase. Decoupled an untested CakePHP 2.x monolith, to a tested PHP 7 API and an Angular SPA. The project maintained 85%+ code coverage and was built using Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Command Query Separation (CQS) principles.
  • ‐ Headed a custom integration between Salesforce and Event Farm. The integrations would sync the status of Salesforce Leads and Contacts to event attendees and their event status (accepted, declined, checked-in, etc). Open-sourced the PHP 7 Salesforce Rest API (restforcephp) that we built and used internally for the integrations.
  • ‐ Contributed to and maintained a CakePHP API and AngularJS/Angular.

Recovery Passport

Full Stack Web Developer

Nov 2015 - Apr 2017

  • ‐ Solo developer that built web based journaling system for alcohol and mental health recovery clinics using Laravel, MySQL and Vuejs.
  • ‐ Maintained an MVP that was used by ~1000 alcohol and mental health recovery patients at several clinics around South Florida.
  • ‐ Deployed application using Docker on Digital Ocean.

Web Services LLC

Full Stack Web Developer

Jun 2014 - Nov 2015

  • ‐ Built analytics application for advertising agencies that imported and normalized tv commercial buys and compared them against CTA’s in the commercials. Integrated various web 3rd party services including Web Analytics, SMS, Social Hashtags to compare against commercial runtimes.
  • ‐ Maintained various PHP MVC applications and web scrapers for local news stations that ranged from adopt-a-pet to restaurant inspections. Applications were built in an assortment of MVC frameworks including Laravel, CodeIgniter, and FuelPHP.
  • ‐ Updated and modernized WDIV Click on Detroit’s “Vote 4 the Best” voting application in from a Laravel 3.x application to Laravel 5.1 LTS.

ACE Blueprinting & Graphics

Graphic Designer

May 2011 - Jan 2014

  • ‐ Completed graphic projects while collaborating with clients, designing vector and raster graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop from concept to printed works.
  • ‐ Built custom PC workstations serving as state-of-the-art graphic editing stations and custom print servers.

Florida Sea Grant

Web Developer - Contract

Apr 2012 - Jul 2012

  • ‐ Authored a PHP + jQuery + Google Maps-based interactive survey to gather data on the Sarasota Bay in Florida and the Ace Basin in South Carolina.

Student Game Day LLC

Web Designer

Jun 2008 - Dec 2009

  • ‐ Assisted the design and HTML/CSS of a custom built web app for selling student college football tickets built in old-school procedural PHP.


University of Florida

Aug 2013

Digital Media

Bachelor of Fine Arts