Jason Raimondi



Senior Software Engineer




Hi, I'm Jason. I am a Full Stack Software Engineer with experience in web development since 2007. I have a strong background in developing MVC frameworks and fully tested domain-driven applications. I am passionate about streamlining processes, enhancing test coverage, and improving application performance.



Senior Software Engineer

Apr 2019 - May 2022

  • ‐ Migrated a Ruby on Rails application to AWS EKS, allowing us to handle large spikes in traffic by auto-scaling based on Puma threads availability.
  • ‐ Monitored application performance and used the data learned to improve existing code, enhance API response times and address scalability concerns, improving the end user experience.
  • ‐ Developed a system for creating separate review environments for each open merge request, enabling QA to perform focused testing. This change significantly improved our deployment process, shifting us from bi-weekly releases to a continuous deployment.
  • ‐ Successfully orchestrated the decoupling of a legacy Angular.js 1 system from Rails templates, transitioning it into an Angular Single-Page Application (SPA) with a Rails API integration. Demonstrated meticulous attention to detail in conducting comprehensive testing and debugging to guarantee a seamless transition and preemptively eradicate potential issues during the decoupling process.
  • ‐ Sped up E2E test suite runtime time from over an hour to ~12 minutes by refactoring a legacy integration test suite from Capybara/Selenium to Cypress.

Event Farm

Senior Software Engineer

Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

Software Engineer

Feb 2016 - Sep 2018

  • ‐ Contributed to the modernization of a legacy PHP 5 system, successfully transitioning it from an untested CakePHP 2.x monolith to a PHP 7 API and Angular Single Page Application. Achieved 85%+ code coverage to ensure robust and reliable functionality.
  • ‐ Developed middleware client applications using Golang and Node.js to integrate with the Event Farm Rest API, including a custom event landing page builder that enhanced user experience and streamlined event management.
  • ‐ Integrated Salesforce with Event Farm, streamlining attendee management. Open-sourced the PHP 7 Salesforce Rest API used for the integration, contributing to the developer community.
  • ‐ Maintained and improved a CakePHP API and AngularJS/Angular application, ensuring responsiveness and efficiency for enhanced user experience.

Recovery Passport

Full Stack Web Developer

Nov 2015 - Apr 2017

  • ‐ Designed and developed a web-based journaling system for alcohol and mental health recovery clinics, employing Laravel, MySQL, and Vue.js. Streamlined therapy processes and enhanced patient engagement.
  • ‐ Sustained a Minimum Viable Product that served approximately 1,000 patients across multiple clinics in South Florida, demonstrating its real-world utility and positive impact on mental health recovery.
  • ‐ Leveraged Docker for deployment on Digital Ocean, ensuring efficient application management and consistent runtime environment.

Web Services LLC

Full Stack Web Developer

Jun 2014 - Nov 2015

  • ‐ Developed an analytics application for advertising agencies, correlating commercial airtime with customer response through web analytics, SMS, and social hashtags.
  • ‐ Delivered several PHP MVC applications and web scrapers, delivering essential services such as adopt-a-pet and restaurant inspections to local news stations using Laravel and FuelPHP.
  • ‐ Modernized WDIV Click on Detroit’s ‘Vote 4 the Best’ voting application, transitioning from Laravel 3.x to Laravel 5.1 LTS, improving performance and maintainability.

Florida Sea Grant

Web Developer - Contract

Apr 2012 - Jul 2012

  • ‐ Collaborated with Ph.D. candidates Zachary Cole and Jarrod Loerzel to gather public sentiment data on local waterways by developing a survey platform utilizing PHP, jQuery, and Google Maps, to collect data on the environmental conditions of Sarasota Bay in Florida and the Ace Basin in South Carolina.

Student Game Day LLC

Web Designer

Jun 2008 - Dec 2009

  • ‐ Contributed to the design and HTML/CSS of a custom-built web app for selling student college football tickets, built with procedural PHP.


University of Florida

Aug 2013

Digital Media

Bachelor of Fine Arts