Recovery Passport


Jack Powers - Cofounder/CEO

Jason Ibarra - Cofounder/COO

Jason Raimondi - Lead Software Engineer

Recovery Passport is a tool used by several mental and drug rehabilitation patients in South Florida, allowing the member to enter daily if they have been taking care of themselves and staying sober, as well as entering journal entries and goals viewable by their counselors and supporters.

Members are invited by their counselors and asked to journal daily about their thoughts and feelings. After each entry, the member is presented with three questions:

  1. How big of a deal is this for you?
  2. Pick a color to describe this entry? Blue skies, Yellow caution, or Red zone.
  3. How are you feeling? 1 horrible to 10 excellent

Journal entries are locked after a 30 minute period.


The app was developed using the LEMP stack in Laravel, and uses elements of Vue.js on the front end. Deployed to a Docker Swarm on Digital Ocean.