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My name is Jason Raimondi and I am a Full Stack Software Engineer based out of Los Angeles. My focus has been in web systems, building and deploying server and client web applications. I am a technologist and all around computer geek; give me a computer and I will be hacking in minutes, occupied for days.

I have been professionally developing for the web since 2009. Early on I was primarily developing sites in PHP and JavaScript. Recently, my favorite stack has been Golang (so small) or Node.js (so easy) in TypeScript on the server, and React in TypeScript or just Vue.js on the client. I have experience writing modular applications and have migrated to an entire containerized based deploy using Docker and Docker Swarm.

My passion is for writing software with a clean architecture. I have been a student of TDD, practicing daily since late 2016. I build applications following the The Twelve-Factor App methodology.

I received a really fancy piece of paper in 2013 from the University of Florida that reads: Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Media. I formed Digital Canvas Design LLC in January of 2014 to maintain my professional work.

If I’m not learning a new language or practicing software architecture design patterns, I'm out with my amazing fiancé or watching, listening to, or reading to a good movie or book.

Feel free to check out my resume or peek at some of the books I have been reading.