My Fiance and I

My name is Jason Raimondi and I am a Full Stack Software Engineer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I am a student of Clean Code, a Software Crafter.

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Media from the University of Florida, with my primary focus being on the web. I formed Digital Canvas Design LLC in January of 2014 to help maintain my growing number of clients.

I have been professionally developing for the web since 2009, primarily developing sites early on in PHP and JavaScript. I have experience writing client libraries in Python and Ruby. Recently, my favorite stack has been TypeScript on Node.js. I manage a number of client projects on VPS’ ranging from AWS, to Linode, Digital Ocean, as well as bare metal hosting at Liquid Web. I have migrated to an entire container based deploy using Docker. I build applications following the The Twelve-Factor App methodology.

I have a passion for writing Clean software based on SOLID design principles. I have been a student of TDD, practicing daily since October 2016. Under the guidance of Jamie Isaacs, we have maintained our goal of 85% coverage on 200K+ LOC API codebase at Event Farm.

I am a technologist and all around computer geek. If I’m not learning a new language or design pattern, I’m looking at the cool things people build on GitHub, playing board games with my friends or out on the trails.

Feel free to peek at my Resume